22" X 6" Drum Filter

22" X 6" Drum Filter

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22" X 6" Drum Filter Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

These heavy duty drum filters fit into a 55 gallon drum with at least a 22-1/2? opening, fitted with (4) 1?x1/8? sturdy tabs that can easily hold 50 pounds. Overall dimensions: 22? diameter and 6? deep. Made from 100% stainless steel that’s easy to clean, and can withstand several hundred degrees without any damage to the filter. The great advantage of these stainless steel drum filters is that the whole thing is a filter, unlike the plastic ones that are out there that only filter on the bottom. So they filter more oil faster and last longer before cleaning them.

Don't forget to add some PBW for cleaning purposes!

Available in the following micron sizes: 5 (with side supports, cross brace and a 1000 micron backer), 15 (with side supports and cross brace), 43 (with side supports and cross brace), 74, 100, 120 (includes side supports), 149 (includes side supports), 177, 234, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1526, 1/8" mesh, 1/4" mesh (see dropdown to select size).