42 qt Mesh Basket (Only)
please note that the hooks on the side supports shown in picture are OPTIONAL

42 qt Mesh Basket (Only)

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What size micron would you like the basket?
Would you like to add side hooks and a U-shaped bar to make draining easier?
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Add a 1 lb container of PBW to clean this product? help
42 qt Stainless Steel Mesh Basket (Only)

This basket is for use with the Polarware T420WC kettle.  Because some of you already own this pot and have requested that we list the basket separately, we now do!

Brew-in-a-Basket Specs:

     --400 Micron Side and Bottom Stainless Steel Mesh (see options for the 300 micron also available)
     --13-3/4" Diameter (14-3/4" with drain hooks) X 12-1/2" Tall ( 13-3/8" with feet)
     --(4) 7/8" Heavy Duty Feet with silicone feet to prevent scratching
     --(4) Side Supports: 2 OPTIONAL Hooks for U-bar (hooks will be set at 6" up from bottom of filter feet and will add 1" to diameter of basket)
     --Cross Brace Bottom Support
     --OPTIONAL U-shaped BIAB Draining Support
     --304 Stainless Steel Construction

OPTIONAL Press Plate:
     --304 Stainless Steel Construction, 16 gauge
     --fits into diameter of interior of basket (plate is approximately 1/2" to 3/4" smaller than interior width) to press liquid runnings out of grain
Don't forget to add some PBW for cleaning purposes!

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