42 qt Polarware Economy Brew Kettle
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42 qt Polarware Economy Brew Kettle

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42 qt Polarware Economy Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (T420WC)

This 10 plus gallon pot is an ideal starter for people just looking to start brewing. It is the same pot used for our baseline BIABasket system. We offer the filter basket separately now so that you may evolve into an all grain brewer. The same pot is also used for our Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee combination.

Brew Kettle Specs

-10.5 Gallon, 42 Quart Capacity

-15 1/8” wide by 13 7/8” tall

-Stamped Gallon Markings Every 2 Gallons

-Large Looped Handles For Easy Lifting

-304 Stainless Steel Construction

-Lid is drilled to insert thermometer (included, but not shown in picture).  

Please select the option for no drilled lid and thermometer if you do not want this

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