64 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket
64 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

64 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

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This item comes with the lid drilled for a thermometer to be inserted. Please select the correct option if you do not want the lid drilled.
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64 qt. Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

This system will help to move you beyond extract brewing in a simple and cost efficient way. This Brew in a Basket or BIABasket is the solution you have been waiting for all this time.  Check out our video to see it in action!

Brew Kettle Specs:

-16 Gallon, 64 Quart Capacity

-15 ?” wide by 19 ½” tall

-Stamped Gallon Markings Every 2 Gallons

-Large Looped Handles For Easy Lifting

-304 Stainless Steel Construction

-Lid is drilled to insert a thermometer (included, but not shown in picture). Please select the option for no drilled lid and thermometer if you do not want this

Brew-In-A-Basket Specs:

-400 Micron Side & Bottom Stainless Mesh (300 also available, 74/100 micron for cold brew coffee available here)

-14” wide by 18” tall

-(4) 1” Heavy Duty Feet with rubber feet with silicone feet Pads to prevent scratching

-(4) Side Supports, 2 With Hooks

-Hooks Set At 6” Up From Bottom Of Filter Feet

-Cross Brace Bottom Support

-U-Shaped BIAB Draining Support

-304 Stainless Steel Construction

OPTIONAL Press Plate:

-304 Stainless Steel Construction, 16 gauge

-fits into diameter of interior of basket (plate is approximately ½” to ¾” smaller than interior width) to press liquid runnings out of grain


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