Auto Siphon Filter

Auto Siphon Filter

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Auto Siphon Filter

This filtering system prevents solids from transferring upon moving your beer. We created a filter to stick your siphon into in order to prevent solids from transferring. You can use this filter two ways. On the intake side of the filter or on the output. Watch our video for more information. It is left to your preference.

The filter measures 21 1/8” in length with an approximate diameter of 1.175" (roughly 11/64” ). The mesh size is 300 micron. This filter fit into every single glass carboy we own, some more snuggly than others. Both the 3/8” and the ½” Fermtech Auto Siphons will fit into the filter. Repeated use may cause scratching so you might consider putting the output hose into the filter on the receiving end of the transfer.

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