Bargain Bin

These bargain items became a bargain for various reasons: damage in shipping or in manufacturing, damage due to misuse, or maybe the occasional misdirection or miscommunication.  Whatever the reason, one of these products may be exactly what you are looking for at a discount, priced to move!  

Please note that all these items are sold as is and all sales are final.  Damaged items may simply be wrinkled mesh, which typically does not affect the efficacy of the product.  In instances where you want to modify these existing products, please contact us for a quote.  Please also contact us if you have specific questions about the product as the items are NOT eligible for return.  Be sure to reference the product number from the Bargain Bin Image Gallery.  Shipping is NOT included and will be billed separate from this sale prior to shipping.

Note the number of the item you wish to purchase (i.e. B19) and click on the picture to be taken to the product page to buy.

B23 A little wider than our typical bucket filters and without damage.

B34 All of our SB Bottom Filters have a hole in the bottom.  This filter has a hole in the mesh bottom and it is crushed.

B36 This filter has a flanged collar.  Almost looks like a pool filter

C5 This filter has no damage, just no home.  Adopt today and give this filter a shot!

C12 This is one long, tall, fine filter.

C15 This filter features an SB bottom.  All of our SB Bottom Filters have a hole in the bottom.

C17  Here is another filter with SB bottom.  All of our SB Bottom Filters have a hole in the bottom.

C19 Here is another filter with SB bottom.  All of our SB Bottom Filters have a hole in the bottom.

C21 The bottom of this filter became out-of-round during the manufacturing before a handle could be added.

D15 This filter has loose sides.

F2  It seems likely this filter was too fine a mesh for the user who then tried to poke larger holes through it.  We sell samples of our mesh to help you determine what size is right for you.  You won't find a 100 micron filter for a 'finer' price.

F6  If you are willing to patch a hole in the bottom, we can send this filter your way.

F9  This filter has a burn hole at the top, but is otherwise in good shape.

G1 This 74 micron filter would make a perfect cold brew coffee filter to go along with the right sized vessel.

G6  This filter is a little tapered, but otherwise functional.

G7 While it may look like an early prototype for the Wright Brothers, this contraption can't take to the skies, but it still can filter.

G8  No damage to this perfectly good filter.  Just seeking a home.

G10 Perfectly good filter here seeks loving owner.

G11 Filter seeking owner.  

G12  This fine filter is reinforced with a 1000m backer to give added support.  No damage.

G14 This filter looks to be perfect for brewing, but has just a slight burn hole in the bottom.

G17 A little crushed, but at an excellent price.  All of our SB Bottom Filters have a hole in the bottom.

G25 This repaired filter is again good as new for a lesser price

G32 These next several filters have no damage and could be of great use in commercial brewing systems


H2 This 74 micron filter could be perfect again for coffee for the right sized vessel. 

H3 This 74 micron filter could be perfect again for coffee for the right sized vessel.

H4 This extreme bucket filter features a bar handle.

H9 This drum filter has no damage and is priced to move.

H14 A lot of filter for not a whole lot of price.

H15 This filter is the same mesh we use for our coffee filters.