BrewRite 80 qt Brew Kettle (T5180)
does NOT include U-bar NOR the thermometer shown in picture

BrewRite 80 qt Brew Kettle (T5180)

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Add a 1 lb container of PBW to clean this product? help

Stainless Steel BrewRite 80 qt Brew Kettle (T5180)

This is for the brewer who isn't messing around.  Why make 5 gallons when making more beer takes roughly the same amount of time?

     *Brew Kettle Specs:

         --20 Gallon, 80 Quart Capacity

         --20.5" Diameter X 16" Tall

         --Large Looped Handles for Easy Lifting

         --304 Stainless Steel Construction

         --Induction ready

         --1/4" thick tri-clad bottom (an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel!)

Don't forget to add some PBW for cleaning purposes!

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