Fab·ri·cate ˈfabrƧˌkāt/ verb invent or concoct (something)

At Arbor Fabricating, your desired customizations are more than just a pipedream. Check out these modifications of what we have done for our past customers. Let us help you build the “something” that suits your individual need! If you see any customizations you would like to inquire about, please reference the C-number and click here or on any of the pictures to contact us.

Index of Customizations

2-piece C028
Angled Filters C025
Canister Filters C054
Collars C019, C027
Combo Filter Baskets C036
Cross Support Tabs C009
Customized Coffee Filters C044, C046, C047, C055
D-Shaped Filter C023, C053
Detachable Lid C015
Eyebrow Filter C032
Eyes C004, C008, C011
False Bottoms C008, C039
Feet C002, C008, C012, C014, C017, C033, C052
Funnel Filters C019, C037, C038
Handles C003, C010 (round grab handles), C014, C015, C017, C020, C022, C023, C029, C031, C033, C041, C042 (fry handle), C053 (round grab bars)
Hinge for Lid C024
Hooks C018
Jar Filters C055
Latches C004, C026
Perforated Stainless Steel Reinforcement C001, C011, C015, C034, C043, C048, C051
Press Plate C032, C033, C040
Replacement Filters C019, C021, C035, C037, C038, C042, C044, C045, C046, C047
Solid Bar C035
Solid Cylinder C014, C031, C051
Tabs C006, C010, C017, C029, C031, C033
Threaded Top C013
Tri-Clamp Fittings C021
U-Shaped Support C022, C033, C049, C053
Wings C017

C001 Reinforced perforated stainless steel.  

In order to make filters stronger using finer micron, we use a stronger reinforcing perforated stainless steel to support the micron mesh (see above).

C002 Added Feet

You want feet? We can give you feet! We also have silicone pads available to prevent metal-to-metal scratches.

C003 Custom Sized BIABasket as well as Handles

Already have a pot or another vessel that you want a filter for? Yep, we do that. And if our standard handle style is not enough, we do custom bars.

C004 Customized Eyes and Latches

Sometimes you need an eye hole or hook in just the right place. Or maybe a removable lid that can latch?

C006 Customized Tabs

Our typical tabs on filters usually go up over and down, but if need requires, we can make them go in any which way you want at whatever length. We can also make lengths adjustable much in the same way you'd adjust a belt.

C007 Cylindrical Filter with Center Column

This cylindrical filter with center column is similar to the filters we make for Braumeisters as well as suction pumps.

C008 False Bottom with Feet and Eyehooks

Here is a product that we customized that combines several options of what we can make. Its a reinforced false bottom, that has feet of varying levels as well as eyehooks for lifting the bottom out of the vessel.

C009 Reinforced Cylindrical Filter with Cross Support Tabs

Tired of plastic filters breaking? Sometimes heavy weight or high pressure requires reinforcement so mesh can handle filtration. No worries!

C010 Perforated Bucket or Drum Filter with Tabs and Handles

The above filter can be fashioned in whatever size needed, but most commonly we fabricate these for 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums.

C011 Reinforced 300 Micron Perforated Filter with Eye Hooks

C012 Micron Basket with Elevated Feet with Silicone Bottom

C013 Micron Filter Container with Threaded Top

Filters such as the one seen above are often used as suction filters that can be inserted into drums to filter prior to transfer into another vessel. The threading can be fabricated to whatever your need, or inquire with us about industry standards to match with pumps.

C014 Solid Sided Filter with Mesh Bottom, Feet, and Handle

Perhaps you need a filter with solid sides? We have you covered.

C015 Perforated Reinforced Micron Basket with Detachable Lid with Handles

This filter combines several of our optional features. The many possibilities for customization is one of the reasons that our filters are found in so many different industries.

C017 BIABasket with Handle Feet Tabs and Wings

Here is a variation on our popular BIABasket

C018 Basket Filter with Varying Height Hooks

In addition to what you see here, we can also fabricate hooks that adjust for different options of length

C019 Funnel Filter

If you have ever dealt with plastic filters that fit into a funnel, you'll understand immediately why ours is so much better.

C020 Basket Filter with Cross Support Handle

We often use cross supports in instances where a built in handle is needed.

C021 Cylindrical Micron Filter with Tri-Clamp Fitting

We can use tri-clamp fittings or other threaded openings and incorporate them into our filter designs.

C022 BIABasket with Handles U-Shaped Support for Multilevel Draining

Side hooks allow for filters to drain hands free. You can't do that with a muslin bag without utilizing precarious pulley systems.

C023 3/4 Filter Basket with Handle

C024 Hinge for Lid for Filter Basket

C025 Triple Level Filter Basket with Angled Top and Lid

Our filters can be designed to be inserted into larger vessels to the exact dimensions you give to us.

C026 Latch for Lid

Filters can be designed with lids for submerging or other purposes.

C027 Bucket Filter with 360 Edge

In addition to making tabs for support we can also create collars to make sure filters stay in place.

C028 Two-Piece Detachable Tower Filter

C029 Filter Basket with Handles and Tabs

This basket has mesh on all sides, but we can also make the sides solid if needed.

C030 Brew Basket with Carabiners for Attachment

For mountain climbers looking to filter...or to attach to a pulley when weight prohibits manual removal.

C031 Filter Basket with Solid Sides and Handles

Perfect for 5 gallon buckets, but capable to be designed to whatever size or shape.

C032 Crescent Shaped Basket with Press Plate

Crescent shaped baskets can be inserted into openings within larger vessels.

C033 3/4 Basket with U-Shaped Support and Press Plate

Partial filter baskets work to avoid vessels with probes or valves. Press plates help to squeeze out very last bit of liquid.

C034 Perforated Filter Basket

Perforated baskets work to filter out large particles and come in a variety of sizes.

C035 Solid Bar Leading into Filter Cylinder

C036 Filter Basket within Finer Filter Basket

Sometimes filtering requires more than one size mesh screen to get the job done.

C037 Funnel Filter 

This is just one of many funnel filters that we can customize for you.

C038 Funnel with Exiting Filter 

Looking to filter while you funnel.  Here is a product to do just that.

C039 False Bottom Assembly

We can build false bottoms in a variety of ways.   

C040 Large Cylindrical Basket Filter with Press Plate

We design press plates with filters to allow you to strain the last bit of liquids out of the filtered solids.

C041 Tall Cylindrical Filters with Cross Support Handle

C042 Rectangular Filter Screen with Detachable Handle

If you imagine it, we will do our best to make it a reality.

C043 Cylindrical Filter with Stainless Steel Mesh and Perforated Reinforcement

Using perforated with mesh makes the filter stronger.

C044 Its a Bird, Its a Plane!

Its a stainless steel coffee filter!

C045 Perforated Replacement for Plastic Filter

Plastic filters break, stainless ones do not.

C046 Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter

Using a stainless steel filter isn't just about no longer having to buy paper filters. Paper filters also affect flavor in ways that stainless does not.

C047 Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter Only

The last coffee filter you will ever buy. Replace your paper filter with this one.

C048 Stainless Steel Mesh Basket within Perforated Basket

Another means to reinforce a mesh basket.

C049 BIABasket for Drum with U-Shaped Support Filter

This BIABasket has been designed to fit into a small drum. 

C051 Solid Cylinder with Mesh and Perforated Reinforced Bottom

Another variant filter option is for solid sides with a reinforced bottom. When weight is an issue and a fine micron with cross supports won't provide enough support, a reinforced bottom is exactly what you need.

C052 BIABasket with Elevated Feet and Silicone Footings

Looking to keep your basket elevated off the bottom of the vessel? We have feet that can be designed to various heights.

C053 BIABasket with Cutout for Ball Valve and Temperature Probe

If you have ball valves or temp probes going into your vessel, we can build a filter basket around it.

C054 Dry Hopper for Corny Keg Various Sizes

These dry hoppers already come in 7", 11", 15", 18", and 21" and are available in various micron sizes from making coffee to steeping for infusing whatever.

C055 Mason Jar for Coffee Filter

This custom request became so popular that we made it part of our regular product line. Have another vessel that you would like to have a filter built for to make cold brew? Contact us today!

Not finding the customization that you need? Contact us today with a proposal to see if we can help design your next filter.