Drum Bung Filter 3/4" Fitting 149 micron

Drum Bung Filter 3/4" Fitting 149 micron

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Drum Bung Filter 3/4" Fitting 149 Micron

This suction filter features a 3/4" NPT opening and measures 2" diameter by 6.25" tall.  The 2" diameter enables it to be inserted into standard bungs.  The 149 micron pleated stainless steel filter is mounted to a perforated metal sheet and secured to a heavy duty set of plated steel end caps.  The finer micron is ideal for filtering motor oil or hydraulic fluid when fine filtering is desired.


      •  149 Micron Pleated Stainless Steel Mesh
      •  1/4" Perforated Metal Mesh Backing Provides Strength to Mesh Filter
      •  Plated Steel End Caps
      •  3/4" NPT Attachment Fitting
      •  2" Diameter X 6.25" Tall

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