PBW  Powdered Brewery Wash 1 lb.

PBW Powdered Brewery Wash 1 lb.

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PBW Powdered Brewery Wash 1 lb.

PBW is an alkaline, non-caustic, environmentally friendly cleaner capable of removing protein soils and stubborn stains at a wide temperature range. It is hard water useable and rinses easily. For the purposes of cleaning stainless steel micron filters, Arbor Fabricating recommends the following procedures:


  1. Always clean filter in between usage! Failing to do so will result in filter residue drying in place and leading to a less effective filtration.

  2. Remove filtered residue as best as possible using high pressured water. The concentration of PBW depends on the soil load to be cleaned. Removing soil ahead of time loosens proteins and other elements that might otherwise dry onto the filter.

  3. Always add PBW or sanitizing product to the measured amount of water. Use 1 to 2 oz. (1 gently rounded teaspoon is about 1 oz) per gallon of water (.075% solution by weight) for 25 to 35 minutes, at temperatures between 100 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Rinse with potable water immediately after at the same temperature as the wash temperature. The rinsing off of PBW is completed when the filter is no longer slippery.


First Aid

For contact with skin and eyes, flush thoroughly with cool running water. For eyes, flush for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Drink large amounts of milk or water and call a physician. CAUTION: Can be harmful if swallowed. Can cause eye irritation. Contains sodium metasilicate.